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Positioning Retail Real Estate for a New Generation
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  • Solutions for Owners/Investors
    We are a landlord-focused retail real estate services provider. Our clients include individual owners, lenders, estates and trusts, as well as numerous institutional owners and fund managers. For more than six decades, we have helped leading retail real estate investors establish, maintain and improve competitive positioning for their assets. Regardless of size or scope, we possess the skills and services needed to maximize property value throughout the entire investment lifecycle.

  • Solutions for Tenants/Occupiers
    Levin Management has been working with retail and commercial tenants for more than six decades. Just as importantly and for just as long, we have been working to gain the highest competitive positioning for our clients’ shopping centers. We understand that the most successful properties attract the right tenants and the most consumer traffic – and that these two components are closely linked.



Levin manages and leases approximately 110 properties totaling more than 15.5 million square feet and ranging from neighborhood centers to enclosed malls – and everything in between. We serve clients in key Northeast and Mid-Atlantic markets, and anywhere their needs take us.
Pennsylvania New York Virginia North Carolina Massachusetts Connecticut New Jersey

Current News

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